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Cash is the lifeblood of a business and its loss, through accident or theft, presents a serious setback to day-to-day operations. Cash is particularly vulnerable when being transported from one place, or one person, to another.

Our Cash Insurance indemnifies the Insured against loss of money (cash and/or notes, or security for money) from any cause whatsoever, except as specifically excluded, and in line with normal security precautions specified in the policy.

Cash In Transit insurance can be arranged to meet your specific needs, including the cover of:

  • Money for salaries and wages, from the time it leaves the bank, through to the time it is paid to employees
  • Other money in transit, from the time it leaves the bank until it is received at your premises
  • Money in transit to the bank, from the time it leaves your premise until it is paid into the bank
  • Cash stored on your premises in a locked safe or strong room
  • Cash on your premises in locked drawers or cabinets
  • Cash in the hands of collectors, from the time of collection until it is delivered to the bank directly, or delivered to the bank via your premises