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Each company will certainly try to make the best possible financial planning to give the positive impact on the Company's performance and ultimately for the welfare of the employees.

Health Insurance Program that we offer will help the company to plan the health budget each year so that the "shock" due to the high cost to be incurred can be avoided and the funds reserved for the anticipated high cost of medical treatment the employee can be allocated to the more lucrative and rewarding.

In addition, the administrative workload that must be handled by the Company due to the treatment / care workers at the hospital that would take time and effort, it can be assigned or transferred to the Health Insurance so that employees are more focused on his work.

Mitra Health is a Health Insurance program that contains a guarantee of protection of health problems arising from illness or injury caused by the employee's accident. The collateral can be in the Hospital Inpatient, Medication Road, Dental Care, Maternity and forth.

We also have a Hospital Partner in almost every province in Indonesia, and has facilities "24 Hour Hotline Service" to provide health information generally associated with hospitalization for employees.